15 July 2002

Playing a Little Catch-up

Lilo and Stitch: 3.25 Stars. It's about time Disney got back on the horse. This crazy romp is the best thing Disney's put out since The Lion King, and while it doesn't quite match the majesty of that grand film, it has lots of fun trying. Stitch is a riot, especially when he starts rolling around like Sonic the Hedgehog. Ving Rhames' character seems a bit misplaced, but he's fun to watch. Congrats to Tia Carrere and Kevin McDonald (from Kids in the Hall) for getting to work again.

Men in Black 2: 2.5 Stars. Unfortunately in movies, lightning rarely strikes twice. This film is no exception. It's fun and occasionally funny with great effects, but the story is a bit light and could use a few more minutes of screen time for exposition at the least (at less than 90 minutes, it hardly gets going before the world is saved). Props to Rosario Dawson for being as lovely as ever and to Lara Flynn Boyle for finally looking like she's having fun in a film (first time since Wayne's World, by my count...maybe Threesome, though.

Reign of Fire: 2.5 Stars. They had the makings for a really good movie here, and it started out pretty well, but it sort of lost itself about halfway through. The victory was too easy and with too little fanfare. I was hoping for grand battles between fighter planes and dragons, not seeing Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey (whose goatee shortens and lengthens with alacrity), and Izabella Scorupco go at it alone against the uberbeast. The "dragon slaying" scene by McConaughey's men is freaking amazing...they just needed more.

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