13 August 2002

Network TV Sucks.

After watching the latest wonderful episode of the soon-to-be-cancelled Greg the Bunny, I have finally accepted that the folks who run the 4 major networks simply have no ability to accept original ideas and are just more comfortable rehashing whatever they see doing well on other networks. So now all we have are various incarnations of the "reality" show, where real folks, not actors or comedians, are shown being humiliated, starved, tortured, or whatever all for the hopes of making a quick buck and possibly breaking into show business. I can understand the motivation of the "contestants," and the morbid fascination of the watchers (who are the same folks who slow down to a crawl for accidents on the 405 and drop everything to watch a car chase through downtown LA), but what happened to telling a story? I'd rather watch Three's Company circa Jennilee Harrison than see whatever miniskirted, synthesized dreck they're serving up on American Idol. So keep cancelling great shows like Greg the Bunny and Family Guy, and I'll just go to cable for good and watch The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and South Park.

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