28 October 2002

I'm a Hounsou fan. Are you?

One Hour Photo: 2.5 Stars. I'm not really sure what story this picture was supposed to tell. I guess it's supposed to be a character study of a mild-mannered, obsessive, lonely man, Robin Williams, who is driven over the edge by various circumstances. All it did was creep me out, though.

The Four Feathers: 3 Stars. I'm not sure if this film benefitted from my low expectations (principally concerning lead/heartthrob Heath Ledger), but I found it a pretty darned entertaining story of two men, a woman, and the war in the Sudan in 1840s Britain. I think the director was trying to do an epic in the mold of The English Patient; in that, he failed. However, the story is solid on its own merits. The acting is solid, and the cinematography was superb. Special kudos to Djimon Hounsou for being the most charismatic black man in film today, even if he only gets beefy sidekick roles and guest-shots on ER. This guy was born to be the next Terminator. Are we reading, James Cameron?

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