14 November 2002

I'm Sorry Mama

8 Mile: 2.75 Stars. Good flick, overall. Just didn't really move me emotionally. Eminem's a decent actor, especially with Mekhi Phifer picking up the slack. They went for a Rocky-like storyline of local bum makes good, but not too good. However, the climax wasn't set up well enough or executed well enough. Kudos to Kim Basinger for still having a marvelous ass.

Mr. Deeds: 1.5 Stars. Ugh. The only things worth watching in this movie were Winona Rider's luminous beauty and John Turturro's best character since Jesus in The Big Lebowski.

Road to Perdition: 3 Stars. Sam Mendes shows us that American Beauty wasn't just a fluke with this moody, dark tale of Irish mobster Michael Sullivan (Tom Hanks). Unfortunately, the material doesn't rise quiet enough to the occasion...the story needed something more to get the audience emotionally involved. Paul Newman was his wonderful self, as was perennial stick-up-the-ass Dylan Baker. I doubt they could've underused Jennifer Jason Leigh more if they'd tried.

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