10 July 2003

Physically Handicapped

The Core: 2.5 Stars. I'll give them credit. They didn't care one whit about physics, or geology, or thermodynamics, or electromagnetics when they made this film. It's like a high-budget 50s sci-fi film. They spout jargon like it's going out of style and have all the cliché characters (the hotshot pilot (Hilary Swank), the good professor (Aaron Eckhart), the evil scientist (Stanley Tucci), the technogeek (D.J. Qualls), the outcast genius (Delroy Lindo), and the token foreigner (Tchéky Karyo)) from any of the schlock epics. They almost make it work, too, but ultimately it fails by being (a) too long and (b) too silly. 135 minutes is just torturous for this kind of movie, unless Michael Bay is at the helm. Go rent Armageddon (not, I repeat, not Deep Impact)to see how it should be done.

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