03 May 2006

In honor of the new player...some DVD reviews

King Kong: 2.5 Stars. Frankly, I thought it was boring. The first hour was really boring. The second hour had some good stuff (the brontosaur stampede was amazing, as were the giant insects). The return to NYC through the end was silly. The last line was awful. Naomi Watts is absolutely, amazingly beautiful, though, so the movie got bonus points for that. Not much more to say, except I expected more.

Mrs. Henderson Presents: 3.25 Stars. There's nothing wrong with a Judi Dench movie with substantial nudity, so long as the twain never meet, and while it was sketchy for a few minutes, they never did, so all was good. MHP is a solid period piece about a nude vaudeville show in London during the blitz. The women are lovely and buxom; the acting is good; the script is excellent; and the story was great. The set directors clearly had some fun, too, as easily half of the "outdoor" scenes are clearly supposed to look like stage sets. While that distracted a bit from the overall immersive effect of the film, it aided in putting things in context. I especially enjoyed the great Christopher Guest and Bob Hoskins, who both turn in excellent performances. Go rent it.

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