14 September 2006

Barb sounds off

Barb, on her return to the Olney voting booths Tuesday, was interviewed by the Olney Gazette. She commented on the fiasco that was the Montgomery County elections:

Barbara Bushman of Olney, another returnee, said, "It didn't help to get angry, but I was confused as to how this could happen. How could you can have voting and no ballots for people to vote with?"

Bushman said the morning’s problems made her late for work — and she didn’t even get a chance to vote.

"I feel better now," Bushman said after voting Tuesday night. "But now I'm thinking, how could this be a valid election when people couldn’t cast their vote?"
That this sort of boobery could happen just goes to show you that the only difference between a wealthy county and a poor one is that the idiots are rich.

My favorite quote from this morning's WaPo:

Andrea LaRue, a lawyer volunteering on behalf of U.S. Senate candidate Ben Cardin, steps up to the counter with a question for [Montgomery County Election Board President Nancy] Dacek.

"Do you have a chain-of-custody plan for the provisional ballots?" LaRue asks.

"A who?" Dacek replies.

You can't make this stuff up.

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