08 December 2006

Nate "Dogg" Barlow and Nick "Famous" Cornish for 40% off!

For those out of the loop, Google Checkout is bleeding money to get our business. Nowhere is this more evident than at Buy.com. They're offering $20 off of a $50 order and $10 off of $30, and you can place as many orders as you like. The only caveat is that they have to be in stock.

For this most part, this is a Graphic Novel lover's dream, as most GNs cost around $10, and that's basically a 5-for-3 deal. Pretty snazzy.

But if you're a fan of the great Nate Barlow and Nick Cornish, it works out to a pretty decent deal on their premier DVDs:

Nate: Adam West's Tales from Beyond: $22.08
Nick: Psycho Beach Party: $30.82
Shipping: Free
Google Checkout Discout: -$20.00
Total: $32.90 plus tax, which is zero outside of California (I believe).

Pretty damned good. Now go abuse the deal.

Other Nick options:
Hometown Legend: $13.18
Code Hunter: $9.98

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