30 January 2007

The Burial

It was Sunday, 1pm. We have some older cousins who were on their second funeral of the day. Can you imagine?

Good crowd, if small. Shiva was at my uncle's. Good food. Deli tray and a fish tray.

Got some Philly soft pretzels, too. Those things are like crack cocaine.

Grandma Doris graduated high school at 15, in 1937. Got her accounting degree at 19. Her grandmother, Flora, was the first woman to pass the New York Bar, in her late thirties, after raising 5 kids. Grandma and Grandpa, while not blood related, met at a mutual cousin's Bar Mitzvah. They were married on October 10, 1943. Grandpa Les then went to Germany to fight the Battle of the Bulge. Having survived, he came back and raised 3 kids with Doris. They had 5 grandkids. Thus far, 1 great-grandchild.

Newton may have stood on the shoulders of giants, but I'm not doing too shabby, either.

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