12 January 2009

Why does the NFL hate its most ardent fans?

It's no secret to friends and family that I strongly believe that, after 1 November, there should be no outdoor NFL games north of Tennessee that start after 1pm local time. It's cold enough for the fans with the sun up in northern climes later in the season.

So next Sunday, Eagles-Cardinals will be played indoors, in Phoenix, at 3pm Eastern time, while Ravens-Steelers is outdoors at 6:30pm Eastern time.

Mean temperature for Pittsburgh on 18 January: 28ºF
Mean temperature for Phoenix on 18 January: 56ºF
Temperature in the University of Phoenix Stadium (dome closed): 70ºF

That is probably the most egregious example of the NFL saying "fuck you, fans willing to shell out the big bucks to watch the games in person, we only care about TV ratings," that I've ever seen.

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