20 May 2002

An English Trio...

About A Boy: 4 Stars. Wonderful adaptation of the book by Nick Hornby. About time a decent writer got some screen time. Great story, great acting, great directing by the Weitz brothers (of American Pie fame). Best English-language film of the year.

Enigma: 3.5 Stars. Love, sex, intrigue, double-crossing, and 40s-era technogeeks all play a part in this British wartime spy thriller. Another great story with stellar acting (especially in support by Jeremy Northam). I'm starting to think that foreign filmmakers are starting to overcome their American counterparts.

Gosford Park: 3 Stars. Finally caught this one at the local dollar theater, and was pleasantly surprised. It took awhile to figure out who was who, but once accomplished, this British aristocratic slice-of-live/murder mystery movie was rather fun to behold. Kudos again to Jeremy Northam for another great role in support, and here's hoping that Kelly MacDonald's considerable talents (and beauty) are oneday realized and rewarded.

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