02 May 2002

More and More movies

Still catching them en masse....

Y Tu Mamá También: 4 Stars. Amazing road-trip, coming-of-age, wild sexual fantasy movie. Tons of sex for both boys and girls to enjoy. Great performances, great story, great dialogue (even subtitled). Didn't much care for the voiceover technique (turning off all other sound in favor of the dialogue), but that wasn't enough to detract from thie wonderful film.

Death to Smoochy: 2 Stars. Some snappy dialogue and decent acting can't save this turkey. The story's just too damned weak.

Life, or Something Like It: 3.5 Stars. Angelina Jolie and Edward Burns shine in this predictable romantic comedy. Nice to see Jimmy Eat World getting some movie soundtrack work.

Jason X: 2.25 Stars. Not a good film, but certainly an entertaining, over-the-top horror. Got an extra half star for an inspired sleeping-bag beating on the holodeck towards the end.

Van Wilder: 2.75 Stars. Nice little throwback to the early 80s comedies no one seems to know how to make any more. Ryan Reynolds seems to be channeling Jason Lee here, but that's not a bad thing. Tara Reid is watchable, which is nice for a change. More props to the soundtrack team for more Jimmy Eat World.

The Scorpion King: 2.5 Stars. One of the biggest surprises of the year, this movie was actually pretty good and very entertaining. Sort of a Conan-esque fantasy smash-up with a great, charismatic lead in The Rock and a hot babe in Kelly Hu. What more could you ask for? My main man Jimmy wants y'all to know he thought this movie was pretty much the worst thing since vegemite.

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