01 September 2005

American Charity

We really are the givingist people in this damned world. Forget government aid to foreign nations, which is substantial. Forget welfare, which is counterproductive. When it counts, we dig deep. My favorite donation is a pint of my finest red blood cells, with some plasma thrown in for bouquet. Being B+, I'm a hot commodity, so I took care of that this afternoon. At last count, the Red Cross, exclusive of blood donations, had collected over $21 Million already, $14M from individuals. There will be no less than three benefit concerts this weekend (not my cup of tea, especially considering the cost of putting one of those things on, but such is life). And then here's the kicker. People all over the country are offering up rooms in their homes and beds on their floors to Katrina survivors on New Orleans Craiglist.

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