20 September 2005

Fantasy Roundup

I'm a week behind on this, so let's catch up...my teams are in bold orange:

Week 1
UIUCAAL: Clock Management! clocked the Philadelphia Phizz (0-1) 119-71
AnyGivenSunday: Philadelphia Phalanx (1-0) speared Cleveland Steamers 100-37
asdf: Olney Ocelots (1-0) registered a win over Item #40156 109-81
NLFFL: Philadelphia Phrenzy (1-0) worfed the Kileen Klingons 72-66
WFL: The Diehards exterminated The Senators (0-1) 91-81

Week 2
UIUCAAL: Philadelphia Phizz (1-1) roasted SunburnedCrackMidget 93-80
AnyGivenSunday: Philadelphia Phalanx (2-0) sheared the Rams 93-80
asdf: Orange Fanta carbonated the Olney Ocelots (1-1) 102-98
NLFFL: S.C. Angry Drunks raged all over the Philadelphia Phrenzy (1-1) 74-65
WFL: The Senators (1-1) legislated Sloe Comfotable 73-60

So, after two weeks, my five teams are a combined 6-4 and every squad has a win. We've just got to make sure that the best possible roster gets out there every week. Onwards and upwards!

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