12 April 2006

NJGSS Letter - A response!

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the New Jersey Governor's School in the Sciences being potentially defunded. I mentioned that I wrote letters to NJ Gov. Jon Corzine and State Senator Tom Kean, Jr., whose father founded the Governor's School program, urging them to support the worthy program that I'm an alumnus of.

While there's been no news on the funding status, I did get a very nice letter back from , who, despite his picture, is actually older than I am. It was obviously a form letter, but a very nice one indicating his support. Read it at your leisure:

The Philadelphia Inquirer also ran a great op-ed opposing Corzine's cuts. Jonathan Last makes the same point my dad did when I discussed it with him: within the public school system, "you're only special if you're disabled." It's a bit cruel worded that way, but special ed. programs are funded through the roof while gifted and talented programs like NJGS are few, far between, and one more appears to be gone. Perhaps there's hope, though.

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