29 November 2006

A movie review!

Casino Royale: 3.25 Stars. If this movie has anything going against it, it's 30 years of megalomaniacal villians. Compared to Ernst Blofield's dreams of world domination, Le Chiffre's debt repayment plan doesn't really measure up, but since this is really a background film, it's forgivable. Having said that, Daniel Craig is one badass Bond. Judi Dench is a magnificent M. Eva Green is lovely. The action was awesome. I'm hoping Jeffrey Wright gets an expanded role as Felix Lighter in the next film. I also wouldn't mind seeing a new Q. Solid film; bring on the next one!

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Anonymous said...

I've read that its the Bond "comeback" movie. It's on my list along with a whole bunch of other movies I want to see: The Departed, Borat, Happy Feet, Bobby, The Fountain, Babel...to name a few.