09 November 2006

Weeks 8 and 9: Exercises in futility.

My Eagles lost again. 4-4 does not a playoff team make, but I'm always hopeful.

I was having problems with blogger 2 weeks ago, so you get a twofer today. Hopefully week 10 (a.k.a. the Eagles post-bye victory over the Redskins) will see my teams wallow a bit less in the mire. Barb's still got some promise, but outside of the Phalanx, I'm pretty much done for the year in all leagues.

Week 8
AnyGivenSunday2006: Don't Be Denied denied Philadelphia Phreak (2-6) 65-51
UIUCAAL: Philadelphia Phalanx (4-4) bombed Old English 117-86
WFL: Heir Jordyn crowned Barbie's Bruins (5-3) 83-41

WFL: The Rockets torched The Senators (4-4) 106-62
farleysfootball: Moshville Lightning struck Philadelphia Fear (2-6) 50-42
farleysfootball: Red Sox beaned Bookworms (3-5) 47-26

Week 9
AnyGivenSunday2006: Philadelphia Phreak (3-6) roased the Dragons 137-113
UIUCAAL: Tusken Raiders gaffi stuck Philadelphia Phalanx (4-5) 91-67
WFL: Barbie's Bruins (6-3) launched the Rockets 80-75

WFL: West Coast Ballers bounced The Senators (4-5) 82-74
farleysfootball: Philadelphia Fear (3-6) d-dayed Slaytanic Whermacht 45-36
farleysfootball: Bookworms (4-5) tined Moshville Lightning 49-41

Nice thing about Week 9 is the Eagles were on a bye, so they couldn't go to 4-5.

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