29 October 2006

Week 7: Quick and Disappointing

My Eagles lost, but thanks to a miracle 62-yard field goal. Crap like that happens.

What I was actually upset about is going 0-4 in my fantasy leagues this week. Barb, however, continued her tear and went 2-0 again, with one win, sadly, against yours truly.

Week 7
AnyGivenSunday2006: Dragons flamed Philadelphia Phreak (2-5) 80-71
UIUCAAL: Crevasse Shrimp peeled Philadelphia Phalanx (3-4) 91-67
WFL: Barbie's Bruins (5-2) mauled The Senators (4-3) 88-82
farleysfootball: Red Sox edged Philadelphia Fear (2-5) 49-48
farleysfootball: Bookworms (3-4) burned 2006 Skins Bandwagon 50-35

At least things can't get worse.

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