13 October 2006

Week 5: Barb's on a roll!

Oh, joy of joys. A nice buttkicking is one thing, but building up someone's hopes and then dashing them against the rocks, that's a thing of beauty. Lito Sheppard returned Drew Bledsoe's interception 102 yards from endzone to endzone to lead the Eagles to a 38-24 victory over O.D. and the Cowboys. A thing of beauty.

Fantasywise, Barb went 2-0 for her second week in a row, while I went 2-2 again.

Week 5
AnyGivenSunday2006: My Opponent Sucks edged Philadelphia Phreak (1-4) 87-84
UIUCAAL: S-Boro Wolverines farnked Philadelphia Phalanx (3-2) 88-81
WFL: The Senators (4-1) censured Jazzynastees 111-78
WFL: Barbie's Bruins (3-2) torched the Benchwarmers 86-29

farleysfootball: Philadelphia Fear (2-3) eroded the WVU Mountaineers 38-32
farleysfootball: Bookworms (2-3) cut off The Third Legge 34-29

I can't believe how bad the Phreak are this year...usually I'm a force in that league. I need Hasselbeck to step up now that he's through his bye.

Also, I predict Eagles over Saints 28-9. Sorry, New Orleans.

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