05 October 2006

Week 4: Go Barb Go!

My Eagles kicked some Packer butt, but they pulled Westy at the last minute, so I went down in flames in the farleysfootball league. Barb, however, took care of business, and went 2-0 this week. I managed a respectable 2-2.

Week 4
AnyGivenSunday2006: Kona Loves Chargers zapped Philadelphia Phreak (1-3) 128-80
UIUCAAL: Philadelphia Phalanx (3-1) speared Alabama Hot Pocket 83-61
WFL: The Senators (3-1) splintered the Benchwarmers 100-72
WFL: Barbie's Bruins (2-2) mauled the Diehards 62-56

farleysfootball: The Third Legge spooked Philadelphia Fear (1-3) 50-37
farleysfootball: Bookworms (1-3) shelled the Partyterps 42-36

The only thing that really matters this week is that the Eagles beat the Cowboys. Everything else is static.

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