12 February 2007

The XO (a.k.a. the $150 laptop)

This thing is cool. They're rolling out this month. I want one. The OLPC group aren't stupid, though. I'll be able to buy one eventually. No way Negroponte and his buddies would willfully pass up the biggest source of private funding to support the entire One Laptop Per Child initiative: me. And other geeks like me who want hand-crankable computers with wireless capability. I'd pay more than $150 for a fully functional XO laptop, so they can overcharge me and sell them at an even deeper discount to impoverished nations.


Plus, from a national security perspective, it makes sense for everyone to have a similar device in the event of a catastrophe. Pretty soon this, or something like it, will be in everyone's house.

Brave new world, indeed.

1 comment:

davala said...

i think i saw this on an episode of star trek once. the whole ship was taken over by a computer videogame... everyone would wear it and then they were brainwashed.

and i read it in the OLPC subclause in the mission statement as an alternate name:
"One Labotomized Perfect Child