29 October 2007


In the little free time I had over the weekend, I deleted my MySpace, Friendster, and Livejournal accounts. I never used them...in fact, the only reason I got them in the first place was because my friends got them. For the same reason I got Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. To be honest, I never really use those, either, but I see no reason to leave any useless open Social Networking accounts. Facebook has the advantage of having hooked me up with two friends in Turkey and Cyprus that I hadn't spoken to in 13 and 12 years, respectively. LinkedIn seems to have some sort of business tie-in functionality, but thus far I've not used any of it outside of expanding my network.

It's been reported to me that kids today are using Facebook postings more often than email. Maybe I'm getting set in my ways, but the idea of actively monitoring a webpage versus passively receiving email seems counterintuitive; especially when you get an email every time you get a Facebook post, and then you have to go login to Facebook to read it.

I'm lazy here...the fewer steps the better.

I wonder if I've got any SN accounts I've forgotten about...I'd've dumped my AOL and Hotmail accounts years ago if it weren't for AIM and Windows Messenger. Not that I use those, either.

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