12 March 2008

A fun idea for the Eagles.

Sign Shaun Alexander, who is sure to be released from Seattle in a few weeks.

Line Brian Westbrook up as a WR. Every play.

If Alexander is healthy enough to run like the former Pro Bowl player that he is, it'd be an offensive formation sure to give defensive coordinators nightmares.

Then, bring in a dozen or so BIG WRs (6'2" or taller), mostly late rounders or undrafted rookies and find one who can learn (and execute) the playbook. If none of them can, bring in another dozen. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Drafting WRs early is worse than a crapshoot, never pays off in the short term, and costs a fortune. There's sure to be a few Marques Colstons out there.

Oh, and sign a veteran punt/kick returner. Westbrook is electric, and he may have to return a punt when the game is on the line, but he's dangerously exposed out there. As soon as Allen Rossum was available, they should've jumped on him.

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