28 December 2009

January 2010 Movies

Ah, a new year. Not much on my radar for the coming months, and all sequels: Iron Man 2 (7 May), Toy Story 3 (18 June), Harry Potter 7 (19 Nov), and Tron 2 (17 Dec). Hopefully something else will pique my interest (Hot Tub Time Machine?), or this could be a year of catching up on Dexter, Weeds, Wire in the Blood, and Deadwood. I've also been meaning to watch The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles from start-to-finish now that it's on DVD.

November and December were good to me from a movie perspective. I managed to catch Night at the Museum 2 (ridiculous, but better than I thought it would be), District 9 (amazing), Watchmen Director's Cut(disappointing), Lovely by Surprise (wtf?), Angels & Demons (meh + distracted by Ewan's vanished mole), Extract (didn't laugh once), Zombieland (overrated), Year One (awful), Fanboys (outstanding), A Perfect Getaway (kind of stupid), and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (love Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor), and Persepolis (not as interesting as I'd envisioned).

As usual, here's my top 10 or so movies in theaters or on DVD to see, with movies in my collection starred:

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
2. The Invention of Lying
3. Sherlock Holmes
4. Avatar 3D
5. Moon
6. The Fall*
7. The Departed*
8. The Brothers Bloom
9. Public Enemies
10. Pan's Labyrinth*

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Stewart Bushman said...

I forgot to include Kick-Ass (16 April) on this list. I doubt I'll find the time to see it in theatres, but I'll surely see it eventually.