11 October 2005

Four and One

How'bout this? Day-after results. I know you're thrilled.

Week 5
AnyGivenSunday: Philadelphia Phalanx (5-0) schooled Topless Academy 104-71
WFL: The Senators (4-1) exhaust the Rockets 79-69
UIUCAAL: Philadelphia Phizz (4-1) circumcised urapns 68-52
NLFFL: Philadelphia Phrenzy (3-2) revolted the Union Jacks 60-49

asdf: Montana Mush Cats declawed the Olney Ocelots (1-4) 150-89

A four-and-one week isn't much to complain about, and if I'm going to lose, might as well be the bottom-feeder Olney Ocelots. I'm in or tied for first place in 3 of 5 leagues now. Joe Jurevicius came to the rescue for the Senators and the Phizz. He may have earned a permanent roster spot while the other Seattle recievers are MIA.

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