07 October 2005

A little action adventure sci-fi western...

Serenity: 3.5 Stars. Caught this gem with Dr. Walters Wednesday night in Wheaton. If you go back 2 or 3 posts, you'll see that I'm horribly biased as I'm a huge fan of the original TV series. This, of course, can be good or bad depending on how the movie is executed. In this case, all was just peachy. Joss Whedon has put together an excellent space western with all the trimmings. It was funny, exciting, tragic, and overall a worthy continuation of the TV series. All the acting was top-notch, and the effects were certainly up to snuff, despite what some reviewers have said. My only concern about this movie is how audiences will relate to the characters, not having already spent some 15 hours with them on the small screen. Not that I care, I was just glad it got made. I'd love to see it return to TV; it's ripe for a sequel.

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