25 October 2005

Week 7: The Rich Get Richer

...and the Ocelots continue their woeful ways.

AnyGivenSunday: Philadelphia Phalanx (7-0) shot down the Starfire Dragons 123-54
UIUCAAL: Philadelphia Phizz (6-1) cheesed the Mooninites 88-76
WFL: The Senators (5-2) committed sororicide on Heir Jordyn 82-76
WFL Bonus: Barbie's Bruins (4-3) committed fratricide on The Beavers 90-84
NLFFL: Philadelphia Phrenzy (4-3) spayed the Blue Moon Dogs 61-58
asdf: The East Bay Eyeblacks gave a shiner to the Olney Ocelots (1-6) 94-70

It's almost comical how bad the Ocelots are. I still contend they were my best team at the beginning of the season, but with Manning, Westbrook, and Rudi Johnson underperforming nearly every week, it's just not gonna happen. On the flipside, I'd rather they be the weekly loser on my squad than passing the mantle around.

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dl004d said...

I agree about the Ocelots. I'm ahead of you, just barely, and would kill to have most of your players.