07 October 2005

Robbie defends Kate

The world's greatest entertainer, Robbie Williams, has rushed to Kate Moss's defense after she got shellacked by the British media for getting caught doing coke. Normally Robbie can do no wrong, and for the most part he's right, especially when he says she's never hurt anyone with her habit. I've got no problem with him or her or anyone else doing coke.

Kate's problem is that she just won a libel suit against The Mirror, which reported that she'd abused cocaine.

In an effort to clear its name, The Mirror went out and got some pictures of her nose-deep in happy powder.

You can't have it both ways, Miss Moss.

In other news, Robbie's new album, Intensive Care, goes on sale later this month, but not in the USA. He's given up on trying to break into the market here, and is rather glad he can walk the streets in relative anonymity. I can't say I blame him.

Still, I've pre-ordered the Intensive Care Special Edition with DVD as well as the Tripping 3-Track EP (the 2-Track EP is the same without the extra song) and Tripping DVD from Amazon.co.uk.

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