06 December 2005

Week 13: Ouch.

Who can care about a good fantasy week when the Eagles are destroyed 42-0. The only bright side is that my decision to bench Joe Jurevicius didn't come back to bite me, as he was minimially involved in the rout. I did manage to go 4-1, fantasywise, and that loss is going to set up one heck of an interesting matchup next week.

AnyGivenSunday: Philly Phalanx* (12-1) spent the Greenbacks 106-80
UIUCAAL: Philly Phizz** (10-3) blasted Coruscant Sith 111-81
WFL: Sloe Comfotable embarrassed The Senators (8-5) 72-64
WFL Bonus: Barbie's Bruins (6-7) salted the Bentopolous Slugs 83-55
NLFFL: Philly Phrenzy* (8-5) hungover the S.C. Angry Drunks 87-73
asdf: Olney Ocelots (6-7) upset Diversity Factor 120-96
* - Qualified for playoffs

** - Clinched first-round bye

The Phizz can rest next week, they've secured the #1 playoff seed and a first round bye.
The Phalanx will likely do the same next week, whether or not they defeat their nemesis, Supreme Silver Sharpie, who knocked them out of the playoffs last year.
The Phrenzy are playoff-bound, but as a likely 5th seed.
The Ocelots beat league leader Diversity Factor in convincing fashion, proving that they're the San Diego Chargers of the fantasy scene (overwhelming talent losing some early close ones).
The most interesting matchup next weekend, really the only one that matters, will be the Senators against my own wife's Bruins, who so convincingly beat the Slugs this week, helping me maintain my 1-game lead in the standings. Special props to my sister's team, Heir Jordyn, who knocked the Diehards out of contention this week.

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