27 December 2005

Week 16: Apocalypse Now Redux

Yes, this week's Ragnarøk is bigger, longer, and more catastrophic than last week's Fantasy Götterdämmerung. All five squads, who were amazingly still playing for something, were routed. Most of that is due to the Colts deciding to lay down and whimper into the postseason. I don't regret my personnel decisions, but I'm nevertheless dismayed with the outcome.

AnyGivenSunday: The Ballerz teabagged Philly Phalanx (13-2) 85-59
UIUCAAL: SunburnedCrackMidget bowled over the Philly Phizz (10-5) 104-79
WFL: Big Benz ran over The Senators (9-7) 109-60

WFL Bonus: Barbie's Bruins slimed Bentopolous Slugs 97-57
NLFFL: Chelmsford Coyotes gnawed on Philly Phrenzy (8-8) 133-69
asdf: East Bay Eyeblacks skinned the Olney Ocelots (8-7) 106-104

No analysis necessary...we folded down the stretch worse than the Chargers. What can ya do? There's always next year. The Phalanx have a 3rd place matchup next week, when I'll give final standings.

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