06 January 2006

Week 17: It's a Fantasy Wrap...

And not the rhyming kind, thank goodness.

I only had two teams in action this week, and, for once in the playoffs, they actually won. This secured two, count 'em two, 3rd place trophies among the five leagues I'm in. Not exactly barnburning, but things could be worse. I finished at or above .500 and in the top half in every league I was in. Given how things went in the postseason, I'll take better-than-average.

AnyGivenSunday: Philly Phalanx (14-2) feasted on the Vancouver Mad Orcas 100-67
asdf: Olney Ocelots (9-7) cancelled Hollywood Hogwash 77-57

The Phalanx actually scored the highest in the league this week, which obviously would've secured the championship trophy if they'd won last week. But wish in one hand; crap in the other; and see which one fills up first...

Final Standings:
Philly Phalanx (14-2): 3 of 18
Olney Ocelots (9-7): 3 of 10
The Senators (9-7): 4 of 12
Philadelphia Phizz (10-5): 4 of 10
Philadelphia Phrenzy (8-8): 6 of 12

Now, the playoffs. Only 7 months until the next draft.

I'll try to talk about something else now.

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