17 January 2006

Bloggin' from the MOC

While I can't post directly, I can blog by email, so
enjoy what will surely be some sporadic posting
this lovely launch morning.

Got my New Horizons polo shirt and hat yesterday
(fortunately UPS works on MLK Day), so I'm all spiffed
out in proper NH gear. The hat will come in handy
after 12-14 hours here -- I'm on station until
midnight EST assuming we launch on time. I'm also
decked out in the custom tee that mom had made up
which was far nicer than the official NH T-shirt.
I'll see if I can get a picture online at some
point...basically it's the NH spacecraft above Pluto
(the planet) with Pluto (the dog) in space suit
filling up the night sky. She does good work.

I've also got an Dunkin' Donuts XL Hazelnut Coffee
with skim and Splenda as my morning companion. All is
good, or green in today's parlance.

First health check at T-5:00:00, in about 5 minutes.

Until later...


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