01 December 2005

Week 12: A very good week.

Any week when the Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins lose is a good week. When the Eagles win the same week, it's great. When I go 4-1 in my fantasy leagues to boot, well that's just plain exceptional!

AnyGivenSunday: Philly Phalanx* (11-1) roasted Giant Bag O Nuts 102-69
UIUCAAL: The Flying Peytons divebombed Philly Phizz* (9-3) 118-88
WFL: The Senators (8-4) edged the Diehards 62-59
WFL Bonus: Big Benz roasted Barbie's Bruins (5-7) 113-70
NLFFL: Philly Phrenzy (7-5) gorkoned Killeen Klingons 94-62
asdf: Olney Ocelots (5-7) liberated Iraqi Freedom 161-129
* - Qualified for playoffs

So two teams have qualified for the playoffs, and likely four will, which has got to be some sort of record. The asdf league doesn't have a playoff (I don't approve of that, but Dr. Leavitt seems to have something against playoffs), so I'll just have to win out (not likely...I'm going against Christine Rovner and her LaDainian train next week). For those counting, that's four in a row for the originally struggling Ocelots. They'll easily end the year with a winning record after starting 1-7.


dl004d said...

I'm against playoffs because I keep being in leagues in which I'm in first or second place entering the last couple weeks of the season, only to lose out to a team that finished in fifth place during the "regular season."

If you can finish in the middle of the pack and make the playoffs, then what's the point of the regular season?

Maybe I'll change my mind for future years, but the bitterness of last year remained in my mouth as I was setting up the league.

-- Dr. Leavitt

Stewart Bushman said...

So set up a 6-team playoff with 1st round byes for the #1 and #2 team. Head-to-head, I could probably win this league out, with the talent on my team, but some early close losses, coupled with Christine's dominance, have made all remaining games pretty much purposeless.