24 November 2005

Week 11: The L-rd Giveth...

I suppose it's karma as much as anything else...I went from riches to rags this week, with last week's clean 5-0 sweep being replaced with just one lone win this time around. Thus endeth the Phalanx's undefeated run. We'll keep it short and sweet, out of respect for the deceased.

AnyGivenSunday: Team Autodraft skewered Philly Phalanx (10-1) 134-11
UIUCAAL: SunburnedCrackMidget toasted Philly Phizz (9-2) 105-54
WFL: Big Benz rolled over The Senators (7-4)
WFL Bonus: Barbie's Bruins (5-6) torched the Benchwarmers 77-68
NLFFL: Ann Arbor Ice Storm flash froze
Philly Phrenzy (6-5) 86-70
asdf: Olney Ocelots (4-7)
carbonated Orange Fanta 112-108

On the bright side, it ain't likely to get worse next week!

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