14 November 2005

Ye Olde Fantasy Footballe Dilemma

So the Phalanx (9-0) are tied with the Mad Orcas. I've got Reggie Brown and L.J. Smith. She's got Donovan McNabb. I blew it not starting Hines Ward (Fantasy Rule #1: ALWAYS start your studs), but my 3-point score by Brad Johnson didn't exactly help things. On the bright side, should Donovan have a good night, my Eagles will likely win, and then what do I care about a fantasy loss? But should he have a good night and the Eagles still lose...nothing worse than ye olde double whammie.

So let's see a nice Brian Westbrook game...lots of passing to RB and LJ, but all the scoring by BW running it in, ok?

But most importantly, WIN EAGLES WIN!

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