26 February 2006

$260 Pierced Tablespoons?

Now I'm as happy as anyone for the newly-engaged couple, but one can learn quite a bit from the items Zach and Mandy have put on their Tiffany wedding registry. Dinner service for 24? No problem with that, I'm sure they've got a lot of friends. It's not even that exorbitantly expensive a pattern, if a bit stark for my taste. Mario Batali would approve, though.

Where I start to wonder is the line-item for 6 decanters. Not even Larry Miller could drink that much, and he's the only Jew I know of who ties one on regularly (yes, I know this will be a mixed marriage, but I don't see Mandy downing single-malt whiskey on a regular basis, either). Then there are the $260 pierced tablespoons. 24 of them. Twenty-four spoons with holes in them. The only use I can think of for spoons with holes is for sugaring your Absinthe. Sounds to me like the home of the happy couple is going to be party central.

So this toast is to you, the future Mr. and Mrs. Braffmoore. Let it be each other, and not the thujone, that drives you both insane.

Anyhoo, I thought that registry was random and entertaining enough to post here. Enjoy.


dl004d said...

The Tiffany & Co. link is broken. Perhaps the couple has called off the wedding? :)

Stewart Bushman said...

It turns out the thing might be fake (apparently someone put up a registry for Brangelina as well), but it's certainly been pulled down. Still, any chance to start up an Absinthe discussion...