11 February 2006

Battlestar Galactica Jumps the Shark

That's the problem with being the best show on TV...all you can go is downhill. Last night Battlestar Galactica killed off one of their best characters, Presidential Advisor Billy Keikeya, so his girlfriend Anastasia Dualla (the lovely Kandyse McClure of Jeremiah fame) would be freed to romance Captain Lee Adama.

Whatever happened to knowing your audience? You've got a planet full of hard-core sci-fi fans watching a shy, slight dorky dude romancing an hot little petty officer and you kill him off? It was a friggin' low-level subplot from the original movie fercrissake! You worked so hard to set them up to fall in love, and then you replace him with a fighter jock?

I'm not really all that upset about this, mind you, but this sort of tinkering screams that they're quicking running out of ideas on the show. The shark has been jumped. Watch the decline.

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philster said...

I think it's jumped also. But I got that feeling after Epiphanies, when Roslin gets healed. Now the plots are too focused on individuals. I liked the more staccato character development in previous episodes. And I definitely miss the sparks flying between Adama and Roslin.