12 February 2006

Ten Inches Deep

That's how much of the ol' white stuff we got last night here in Olney. I'll leave my measuring technique up to the reader's imagination. Excepting the icy mix we got about ten weeks ago, this was the first time I've shoveled snow since probably 1991. I can't say I missed it, but at least it was truly the best kind of snow...dry, light, and fluffy...made me wish I was out on skis. Barb's lucky she got to witness a quality snowstorm, as we only get them here maybe once every 3 years. Still, I'm glad we didn't get the blizzard they got up in NYC and Boston.

Roscoe, after some initial trepidation, seemed to enjoy frolicking in it; although not being much taller than the snowline, he took some convincing to get himself out of a few crevasses (admittedly, I tossed him in). Some nice pics:

Tentative Steps

End of the driveway...he ran off down the street right after I took this.

Surrounded by snow, all he could do was turn 'round and 'round.

Now what do I do?

You gonna help me?

Anyone out there?

Screw it! Here I come!

Full speed ahead!

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