20 March 2006

Best argument for HD-DVD/Blu-Ray

Out of idle curiosity and a passing interest in the show, I was curious as to how many discs the entire Xena Collection was on DVD. There are 50 discs. That's five oh, fifty. Including the pilot, there are 136 episodes, averaging 44 minutes each, assuming standard length plus commercials. That works out to 120 minutes a disc if the pilot was two hours long. That means they must only use single-sided, single-layer discs, which is bloody insane. Those SSSL discs can hold 133 minutes of video. They make dual-layered discs which can hold 240 minutes of video, cutting us down to 25 discs. They also make double-sided, dual-layer discs which hold about 8 hours each. Now we're down to 13 discs with current technology. So why is it 50? So they can justify the price, which isn't really all that exorbitant. I'd certainly rather have a season on 2 discs (or one HD-DVD or Blu-Ray disc). I won't be buying any full seasons of shows until the companies start using the real capacity technology or the transition to the new formats take hold.

Then, Xena.

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