19 March 2006

An inauspicious defeat

I knew the Illini would lose as soon as they took the 3-point shot when the game was tied with a minute left. I hate the 3-point shot. I especially hate treys in college ball, where the kids are too dumb to realize that the highest bang for your buck comes from driving to the hoop and drawing the foul. Threes are glamorous, like the home run, but rarely do they help you win games. For every Bryce Drew, there are a hundred idiots who try to drain two three-pointers instead of three two-pointers. More than a hundred.

The game was TIED. Drive, draw, drain. Then make the free throw. Three points: the high-percentage way. Ban the NCAA 3-point line, or at least make these kids run laps in practice when they do stupid crap like that. Maybe that'll learn 'em.

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