16 March 2006

Common misconception...

It always strikes me as odd how few people seem to realize that the United States is not a Democracy, but a Republic. I realize that it matters very little in our day-to-day lives, and further I realize that many of the folks appreciate the difference between a pure democracy and a representative republic, but still it's semantically incorrect.

I suppose it's hard to really differentiate the two in a 10-second sound bite, though.

That's all. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Unknown said...

Good for you! I posted that very point on another blog. The US was created a a republic. Every state was guarnteed a republican forum of government under the Constitution. The only democratic branch was the House of Representives which was popularly elected. The Senate was chosen by the state legislatures. The President by an electoral college. The Supreme Court was chosen by the President. While the Senate is now elected by the people there are still great elements of the government that are note democratic.