15 August 2005

The 2005 Philadelphia Phizz

Fantasy Draft 3 is in the books...this is the league I run with mostly UIUC Aero grads. Again, the hold-out Hines Ward is on my roster, but I've got faith he'll sign. Round drafted is in parentheses.

Philadelphia Phizz
QB1 Trent Green (5)
QB2 Kurt Warner (11)
RB1 Priest Holmes (1)
RB2 Willis McGahee (2)
RB3 Steven Jackson (6)
RB4 Warrick Dunn (8)
WR1 Joe Horn (3)
WR2 Hines Ward (4)
WR3 Jerry Porter (9)
WR4 Greg Lewis (12)
TE1 Jason Witten (8)
TE2 L.J. Smith (13)
PK1 Jeff Wilkins (15)
DT1 Eagles (10)
DT2 Chiefs (14)

I think the Chief's D will be pretty formidable this season with all the additions, plus Dante Hall returning kicks. We'll see, though.

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