20 August 2005

You want me to put What...Where?

The 40 Year Old Virgin: 3.25 Stars. Sure, I figured this film for what it was...plain old male humor, and I was perfectly satisfied (the wife felt otherwise, unsurprisingly). Steve Carell was great in this little comedy about a man who just never quite got around to doing it. They could've taken an American Pie tack of just having him meet plenty of girls and trying to sleep with them, but they took the high road and had him actually fall in love. I this instance, with the lovely (and hot-bodded GILF (no, not MILF, GILF)) Catherine Keener (whose family was conspicuously absent from most of the film). Great film. A little long, but you don't really notice. An extra quarter-star upgrade simply for the last 4 minutes. Special props to the beautiful, full-bosomed, and bloggin' Kat Dennings, who will surely turn her little role in this movie into major stardom.

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