16 August 2005

"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

Does anyone else worry a bit when a legislator wishes he could enact a law to force a person to report to work or to shut his yap?

Enter Philadelphia Councilman Frank DiCicco, who has decided to enter the Terrell Owens foray with this request to Commissioner Robert Solvibile of the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections.

Money quote:
As I’ve watched this soap opera, I found myself wishing I could legislate his acceptance of his contract or, at the least, legislate a gag for him while that contract is renegotiated. Unfortunately, we both know that that’s impossible.

And ultimately what he wants:
Please look into Mr. Rosenhaus’s business privilege license status and insure that he has paid all appropriate taxes, fees and fines and return the information to me, at your convenience.

Way to elect 'em, Philly.

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