05 August 2005

Q-time with the baby

Today consisted mostly of cleaning up from the bris...folding up chairs, collapsing awnings and such. Repeat sandwich from yesterday, minus the tongue, which the in-laws sent packing with Scott's parents. (It's an acquired taste.)

Got to spend a few hours this evening with 2-on-1 time with me, Barbie, and Benjamin. Then he went to sleep and Barbie and I learned how to play Anno 1503, a Catan-esque board game which looks like fun. We got it for Scott and Randee last Chanukah, but haven't played it yet.

Then the friends came over en-masse, and we had a BBQ and Baby- and Six Feet Under-watching party.

A good day for everyone except Nate Fisher.

I will say that Nate's last roll in the hay gal seemed to wear far naughtier undies than I would have thought. But maybe it's just me.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Nate? Oh man, poor Nate!!

Anonymous said...