15 August 2005

Phil Sheridan Replies

Mad props to Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan. His Q&A Forum is about as interactive a feature as you'll find in online media with a full-time print columnist. I submitted a question this morning, and he's turned around and answered me already:

Q. Phil, Isn't it time for the Eagles to take a long, hard look at Koren Robinson? He never panned out under Holmgren, but at least he's a got a West Coast-offense background. He's still young, seems to be hungry, and will be eligible to play come October. Any thoughts?
Stewart Bushman, Olney, MD 8/15/05

A. Stewart, That's a tough call. Robinson has had his problems and you have to wonder if Andy Reid is in the mood for any more risks right now. Then again, he is good friends with Holmgren and would get a straight answer on whether Holmgren thinks a change of scenery would be enough to get Robinson back on track. Remember, Cris Carter had huge problems with the Eagles, was released and took that as a message that he had to turn his life around. He went on to have a Hall of Fame career in Minnesota. So you never know.
Phil Sheridan 8/15/05

Maybe the Eagles are due for some reverse-Karma.

Now I'll hit the exacta if Peter King answers my email in tomorrow's MMQB:TE...

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