31 August 2005

My name is Bush. Stoo Bush.

Apparantly you're supposed to find a new Bond before you fire the old one. Alas, it looks like Barbara Broccoli's up shit's creek without an actor only a few months before they start shooting Casino Royale.

They've got all sorts of options in the article. Personally, I think Clive Owen is the best of the bunch, but he's already said no. Failing that, Jason Statham would be an interesting, if perhaps overly beefy, choice.

Now if Mrs. Broccoli had balls of steel-reinforced concrete, she'd go and get Robbie Williams to play the master spy. He's good-looking enough, and he can certainly smirk. I have my doubts about the claim that he's 6'1", but I think he'd be a hell of a lot of fun.

Plus he could sing the theme song.

I'll admit something publicly here that only my wife and all of my LA friends know. I'm a huge Robbie Williams fan. The man is an amazing entertainer, and I can't for the life of me understand why he hasn't been able to sell more than 10 records in the US. We danced at my wedding to She's the One, which, admittedly, is a World Party song, but Robbie's the only one who sold any records with it. Super kudos to Rik Howard Music, our band, for learning it and Angels for us.

In summary. Robbie Williams should be Bond. They'd sell a £1B worth of tickets outside the US. That's reason enough. Plus, he'd be good.

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