10 August 2005

Go Daddy!

Well I've switched my webhosting to GoDaddy.com. I can't say their wardrobe-malfunction spoof commercial didn't point me in their direction. Their service seems to be great, and it's cheaper than Yahoo (100% cheaper, actually). I had previously been using Network Solutions as my webhost and Yahoo! Domains as my webpage/email forwarder for $10 a year. I probably wouldn't have even gone looking if Yahoo's service hadn't fucked up so often (the web forwarding didn't work for months, and once they fixed that the email forwarding didn't work anymore...bunch of assclowns there.)

Switching to GoDaddy makes the latter two services free and extended my domain name ownership another year, all for an $8.20 one-time charge.

So stoobush@stoobush.com works again, for the 3 of you who still use it.

Go Daddy.


Josh said...

Is it free? I'm guessing it isn't, and that GoDaddy isn't 100 percent cheaper than Yahoo!.

Stewart Bushman said...

I was using Yahoo! for the web forwarding and the email forwarding. Those two services are free at GoDaddy, so it is 100% cheaper. I was using (and paying) Network Solutions for the hosting (which didn't include the other services). Now I'm using (and paying) GoDaddy. However it's paid up till 2012 now (including the $17/year I paid Network Solutions till 2011 and the $8.50 I paid for the transfer which included another free year).