02 August 2005

Jude Down

Well I left the wife behind last night to head out with some friends to see Jude play at Largo. The man put on a masterful show which was enjoyed by me, Nick Brandt, Dan Burgun, Matt Mondrick, and others. Jason Bierfield was a bit under the weather so he didn't join us. 'Twas great to see the old crew.

I even got a request in, as Jude was wondering who was at the show from a distance. D.C. was far enough, and "for a funeral" was more than sufficient for a Jude-plus-bass-and-drums rendition of "Prophet."

Looks like I'll join the guys again on Wednesday night for the dirtiest, foulest movie in history, The Aristocrats. 10:35 pm at the Arclight, should you care to join us. Word on the streets is that if you've ever been offended by a joke, skip this one.

Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Today...the funeral.

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